Our cooperation experience with Adsimilis counts 3 years of successful growth and mutual development. Adsimilis always provides us with high-quality traffic and their fraud-detecting system remains one of the best on the Market. Their dedicated team always has personal approach to each of your campaigns what guarantees high ROI.


As an affiliate manager for Cupid plc, one of the largest dating companies in the industry, I have worked closely with Adsimilis for almost a year and enjoyed every moment of our mutually-beneficial collaboration. Adsimilis is a top caliber partner; both reliable and financially rewarding to work with. One of their greatest strengths is the responsiveness and dedication of their highly professional managers, which instils real confidence for our current working relationship as well as for our future cooperation.


I have had the pleasure of working with Adsimilis for over 6 months.  Our campaigns have done extremely well together, not only due to their quality traffic sources but also thanks to the level of support that we have received from our account manager.  The entire team goes above and beyond to make sure everyone’s goals are met, and their response rate is beyond impressive.  We look forward to continuing to scale out together.


Whenever we start an international gaming campaign Adsimilis is one of the first affiliate networks to contact.


These guys are true professionals in a market where that is quite rare. I trust Adsimilis to help me get the best return possible on my affiliate spend


Having worked with Adsimilis now for over three years I can personally testify that their industry reputation of reliability and trustworthiness holds true. Despite being one of the largest networks their Account Management remains efficient and attentive 100% of the time, which in turn make our work easier!


Be2  is proud of the relationship that has been built in between Adsimilis  and Be2 over the past two years. During this period we have received a great support and feedback from the account managers and entire team. It has been a pleasure to work with Adsimilis not only on professional but also on personal level. Their traffic quality and overall cooperation have always been stable and belong to one of the best we experienced so far.


We value the relationship with Adismilis due to the success achieved during last 2 years. We have experienced a significant growth thanks to their support and high-quality traffic. Their instant feedback and personal touch has always enhanced our confidence in exploring potential opportunities for all time.


Our relationship with Adsimilis has grown considerably in the past year. Thanks to their team’s insight into publisher’s feedback and expectations traffic has increased and we have scaled current and new offers to different markets. We strongly recommend Adsimilis as 100% professionals who are willing to increase your own business


The best thing is to work with a team which really knows what they're doing and helps you to reach the highest ROI