Adsimilis came back from an amazing Affiliate Summit West, the largest affiliate trade show in the industry. Three years ago we went with just three members, Sean Mulkeen, Mike Ossendrijver and Eleah Portillo. We had a strange network name that no one had ever heard of or knew how to pronounce, and funny hair. But this year we represented our network that is now a household name in the affiliate space with a full force of nine Adsimilis team members. And yes, funny hair is still there.

Collectively the affiliate team met face to face with no less than 62 affiliates to discuss how we can grow our mutual business, and those meetings seemed to have worked - our numbers have been hitting record highs ever since we returned. Adsimilis also threw our third annual happy hour hosting many of our affiliates as a thank you to them for their business and receiving rave reviews.

In an effort to position ourselves as industry thought leaders while giving back to our affiliates and advertisers, Adsimilis has also relaunched the tradition of hosting educational webinars for our affiliates. These have received great feedback and are very popular, with 50-100 affiliates joining us!


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