Sean Mulkeen, Co-Founder of Adsimilis, on the future of affiliate marketing:

The Affiliate Marketing space recently has become quite saturated, but is reacting to that with mass consolidation. The nature of the business is quite volatile, and up until now has been a niche type of marketing, in regards to how many people are involved. Change always happens, and now it is imminent. The need for the "everyday agency" is ending, with advertisers and affiliates wanting more service, direct contact, and full transparency.

Affiliate Marketing at one time was very limited, yet with expansion of marketing to phones and smart devices, it's now omnipresent. Advertisers want to be present at all times, and need to be active on all devices, in all markets.

The keyword going forward is simple though: transparency. The companies that are able to provide this insight will begin stepping ahead of the rest, while creating a market standard that is  needed, and long overdue.


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